The Two Statements That We’re Going To Prove Wrong

 “I don’t photograph well.”

2. “But I’m not a model…”

 Really? How can you be so sure about that? Good thing for us, these statements can very simply be overturned once you see the evidence presented after your Portrait Atelier experience.

Everyone has that handful of photos that are your go-to’s for social media site defaults. They may be framed somewhere in your home or simply have that mental bookmark that you think is the best representation of yourself. Still unsure what I’m referring to? These are also the pictures that would be the first ones you would use if you ever decided to sign up for an online dating profile. Oh THOSE photos! The ones that do prove you are capable of photographing well. We all have them, but most often they are not done professionally. Typically they have other people in them or at least have others strategically cropped out. Any solo pictures you have of yourself were mostly used as visual confirmation that you visited some special landmark, not to celebrate your own beauty.

 It’s time that you took a picture just to celebrate the beauty that is in you! No we’re not talking about a self-portrait with your cell phone after getting a haircut or visiting the makeup counter at your favorite department store. We’re talking about a full-on photo shoot that begins with a pampering session guided by a professional hair and makeup artist. This prep work will immediately put you in a "model" mindset, even if you previously stated that such a change of heart was impossible. Once your beauty is vamped up, Natalia Russo will expertly guide even the most nervous and camera-shy individual into relaxing in front of the lens and posing in the most flattering of ways. Soon, you’ll find yourself feeling comfortable and start thinking about referring to Heidi and Tyra as your colleagues ;-)

 The point is, everyone is beautiful and we are here to simply accentuate and highlight what you already have. We want to give you a "model" moment and send you home with a work of art that is not only a keepsake for family and friends, but also a self-esteem boost for you. Our results will prove to you that everyone photographs well and that anyone can be a model. Those ladies that do it professionally better start watching their backs, because we are very confident that any of you have what it takes to be a star!

by our contributor - Hilary Ranucci